Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Way Lens and Bokeh Magazine

I am happy to announce some exiting news!

I have teamed up with Bokeh Magazine to feature a Two Way Lens interview from the archive in every new issue, starting with the current one.

Bokeh is an international photography magazine based in California and published exclusively on iPad and iPhone, available through iTunes.

The first interview from Two Way Lens in Bokeh No. 11, is with James Friedman and it looks terrific.

More about Bokeh and how to get it can be found here

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Two Way Lens is a project designed to inform and inspire emerging photographers wanting to focus their creative output in a way that enhances their chances of finding an audience, being included in exhibitions and ultimately achieving gallery representation. The journey from inspired artist to successful artist is one that is often difficult to negotiate and hard to control. On these pages, I will feature the experiences and opinions of other photographers who I have found inspiring, and hopefully the knowledge they have built in their own experiences will be valuable to all of us finding our own way to sharing our creativity with the wider world.